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BIN brother

Now it’s BIN brother: Fury as council installs tracking technology to ‘spy’ on residents who put their rubbish out late

another article published in the Daily Mail


Political Correctness Gone Mad – 2

From the Daily Mail 27 Feb 2012…

  • ‘What would happen if I had a scarf over my face?’
  • Nightmare of Fireman Sam creator branded a racist over quip to airport security
  • He was detained for an hour and ordered to apologise
  • Retired 67-year-old calls it ‘Orwellian nightmare’

Read full report by ANDY DOLAN

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Political Correctness Gone Mad – 1

Headline of an article in the Daily Mail online:

Don’t bother getting a good degree: Now PC brigade says bosses shouldn’t just hire best students as it ‘discriminates against average graduates’

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